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ReStart 2020 Social distancing guidelines set forth by San Diego County


  1. Arrive 40 minutes prior to tee time / 30 minutes prior driving range / 10 minutes putting green / arrive at the first tee when the group in front has left the tee
  2. Check-in with NCJGA – please wear your mask.
  3. Tee times will be every 10 minutes unless golf course notifies us of a change.
  4. Pairings – Each course is different check the TIP (Tournament Info Page) for event playing email with questions.
  5. Scoring will be done scorecard
  6. No touching of the flagstick at any time
  7. Players are responsible for getting to the first tee 10 minutes before their time
  8. Players are responsible for pace of play
  9. Play ready golf, tap in and continuious putting prefered as long as you are not in any other players line.


  1. USGA rules are in effect
  2. Check the back of scorecard for local rules
  3. NCJGA New Local Rule (No Rakes) bunkers are played as a waste area  if your ball lies in a footprint or where someone has played from talk to players in group to agree on a free relief Relief you must place in bunker no nearer to the hole. Use your foot to clear the area after you hit and leave the bunker.
  4. Local Rule (applies to boys & girls 18) if the ball is lost or out of bounds you do NOT have to go back to where you last played the shot just drop the ball and add 2 strokes!


  1. Check in with Starter 10 minutes before your tee time.
  2. Pace of play - we will check time after 9 holes and again after 18 holes if the group is out of position and more than 20 minutes behind the whole group will be assessed a 2 shot penalty.
  3. Keeping score for yourself and 1 other player. Confirm scores on the next tee box!
  4. Read off all scores to NCJGA staff at the conclusion of play. Distancing and masks required!


  1. We need adult scorekeepers to help us with Covid-19 rules and restrictions.
  2. If allowed - we will have you score a group in front of or behind for your child's group, please contact
  3. Download free TD app offered by Bluegolf. Your phone will need a full charge. A login & password will be provided when you arrive and Check in with NCJGA Staff.
  4. Masks must be worn at check in & when entering any building, pro Shop, Bathroom...
  5. Parents not scoring a group must drop off the Junior Player and leave.

No Spectators allowed

Awards for the to top 3 players in each division with golf course approval.

The results will be available  online as part of the BlueGolf portion of the NCJGA website, including Live Scoring based on Volunteer availability.