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Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer anything you may be wondering, but in case we missed one you can always email us at

What is North County Junior Golf Association?

NCJGA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization located in San Diego's North County. Our mission is to make junior golf fun, affordable and accessible for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. 

What Ages can play in NCJGA Tournaments?

NCJGA has a broad range of options, starting as young as 6 on our Executive Tour and ending with 18 if still in High School. Beginner level players must play Executive Tour events regardless of age until they are able to keep up pace of play and comfortable on a full-length courses. Intermediate and advanced players are welcome and encouraged to play both. The Championship Tour requires you have a handicap.


How do I join the NCJGA?

Click here to be taken into our BlueGolf platform. Complete all of the required information and your membership application will be processed.  

Thank you and welcome to NCJGA!!

What are the benefits of becoming an NCJGA member?

  • A 12-month membership from the dated joined.
  • Discounts on entry fees into NCJGA Tournaments (pays for itself after 3 events).
  • Members are added to events first and guests are added 7 days prior to the event.
  • PAR Membership packets are handed out at the first tournament you play in. 
  • BIRDIE & EAGLE Members will receive their PAR packet at the first event and all remaining benefits by e-mail once the JC Junior application has been e-mailed to  
  • It will take 5-7 business days for all to fall in place at Twin Oaks.
  • Discounts on instruction with David Emerick, PGA
  • Discounts on group instruction, clinics & summer camps.

How Do I Behave as a "Spectator"?


  • Parents/spectators will need to stay on cart paths. In the absence of cart paths, we ask that parents/spectators stay in the rough.
  • Please stay off fairways, tees, and greens.
  • Parents/spectators may not interact with participants and should remain at least 50 yards away from the competitors they are following.
  • We recommend that all spectators/parents stay one shot ahead of the group they are watching. This allows spectators to follow errant shots and help identify where the golf ball comes to rest.
  • Parents/spectators should not interfere with any group advancing from behind, nor should they converse with any competitor.


Parents/spectators CAN do the following:

  •  Walk on the cart path and watch your child play golf
     Carry an umbrella, food, drink, medicine, etc... for your child. If the competitor needs any of the following these can be obtained BETWEEN play of holes, not during play.
  • Forecaddie and help your child and other players search for a golf ball


The following actions are UNACCEPTABLE from a parent/spectator:

  • Verbally abusing or belittling players for any reason
    Yelling and/or cursing at players/officials/golf course staff
    Hand signals/gestures (These are considered advice!)
  • Interfering with players/officials/golf course staff while in the scoring area
  • Giving rulings to juniors on the golf course (too often the information is incorrect)
  • Interfering with any player’s opportunity to compete fairly and fun while playing the game of golf

What is a GHIN#?

A GHIN handicap number is obtained through the Southern California Golf Association. 

You may have a ghin # established through high school golf or with an active certified golf pass. 

Juniors should start posting all 9 and 18 hole rounds of golf on a regulation length golf course to establish a handicap and get an index. 

What is the Premium Players Club?

The Premium Players Club is an optional addition to your NCJGA membership. Adding the (PPC) service allows you an in-depth look at your playing statistics. You are also able to add non-NCJGA tournament rounds to build a larger base of statistical data. The (PPC) is a great way for the golfer to find the areas that need improvement. This feature is a perfect tool to help the college bound student/athlete.

Do I have to be a NCJGA member to play in the tournaments?

No, We welcome everyone to play however, guests are added to the events 7 days prior to the event starting and Guests will not be eligible for POINTS and or to earn Player of the Year (POY) awards or exemptions to the (TTC) Toyota Tour Cup at the end of each year, You must be a member.

How much does it cost to play in a tournament?

The entry fees for each event can be located under "Tournaments." Select the info link for the event you are playing in and that will bring you to the Tournament information page.

1-day Championship Tour events cost $70 for members/ $95 for guests. 2-Day JGS events $185 for members & $210. for Guests 

Executive Tour rates, 18 holes $45 for members / $65 for Guests and $35 for 9 hole members and $55 for 9 hole guests.

Guest fees are available if you are not a member and wish to play!

What is the Toyota Tour Cup (TTC)?

The Toyota Tour Cup is apart of the SCPGA tournament program and is designed for the experienced junior golfers who hope to play in college. The Toyota Tour Cup (TTC) is recognized by college coaches throughout the United States as one of the premier competitive junior golf tours in the country.

NCJGA has partnered with the Southern California PGA Junior Tour to offer exemptions into events on the TTC the following season. We are able offer exceptions to 3 Boys with a scoring average of 78 or better and 3 Girls with a scoring average of 80 or better.  All must have an established handicap to play TTC Division.

We offer options when registering, choose the best level of golf for yours to grow and play for life.

If a player’s average is slightly higher than what is required to be eligible we will still submit their results to the committee for review and to make the final determination. 

TEES: TTC - Boys play from 6500-7000 yards
TTC - Girls play from 5800-6100 yards

What is the "Championship Tour (CT)"?


    • Events played on regulation length golf courses
    • No Caddies are allowed
    • Spectators are welcome, course permitting
    • The top 15 finishing NCJGA Members earn Player of the Year (POY) points from each event played per Tour.
    • The Top 3 boy and girls POY point earners in the TTC Division play at the end of the year may earn an exemption from qualifying for the following year's SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup tournaments if their scoring average qualifies. Boys 78 or better and Girls 80 or better!
    • During the summer, we offer 2 Day, 36 Hole tournaments, including Junior Golf Scoreboard ranked events.
    • Boys TTC - Ages 13-18 is for advanced juniors with a 78 or better scoring average.
    • 18 Hole Boys Divisions: 15-18,13-14. 11-1(merged together if less than 5 players)
    • Girls TTC - 12-18 is for advanced juniors with a scoring average of 80 or better
    • 18 Hole Girls Divisions:include Girls 11 & older
    • (merged together if less than 5 players)

What is the "Executive Tour (ET)"?


  • Played on shorter Executive Courses
  • "Double Par plus One" capped scoring
  • Ages 5-18 for boys and girls
  • Caddies are permitted for 9 hole divisions
  • Spectators are welcome, course permitting
  • Players are paired by similar age and skill level
  • Requests are welcome, play with your friends!
  • The top 15 finishing NCJGA Members earn Player of the Year (POY) points from each event played per Tour.
  • 18 Hole Boys Divisions: 13-18 ,11-12
  • 9 Hole Boys Divisions: 9-10 & 8 and under
  • 18 Hole Girls Divisions: 13-18 & 11-12(merged together if less than 5 players)
  • 9 Hole Girls Divisions: Girls 10 and under


Can a junior play up a division?

Approval is required by E-mailing or  with the players resume and stats to be shared with the committee for approval.


How far in advance do I have to register for tournaments?

The sooner the better if you are committed to play.  Members get in first, guests are added 7days out so spots may no longer be available.

Tournament registration deadlines are 1 week (7) by 11:59pm prior to the tournament date.  We do keep the registration open if the field is not full however those registering after the 7 days / 1 week out by 11:59pm will inquire a late registration fee.

If you attempt to register after the registration deadline closes, E-mail to see if there are still openings as we always try our best to get everyone into an event.

How do I sign up for a tournament?

Tournament schedules are on the home page.  Find the tournament you want to play in and click the "register" link to the right of it and follow the on screen instructions. You can sign up for multiple tournments at the same time.

How do I know if I'll be accepted into a tournament?

2 step process - First you receive an e-mail that you registered.

2nd  e-mail comes after your credit card was accepted and you have been accepted into the tournament.

The NCJGA does its best to accept every player into a tournament on a first come first served basis. (Members come First) Should the number of players registered exceed the number of available spots; a waiting list will be generated.


I missed a registration deadline, can I still play?

If you missed a deadline and there are still spots open in your division we are happy to re-open the registration for you to sign up for the tournament. Keep in mind a late entry fee of $10 will be added.

Please e-mail if you need assistance with registering for an event.

When will my tee time and pairings be available online?

The pairings will be posted on line on or before the Friday prior to the event by 7pm.  

You can access the pairings by clicking on the Tournament Schedule then click on the "info" link that is provided for each tournament.

There will be a blue "Pairings" link in the upper left side under tournament round between the date and name of the golf course being played.

Are caddies allowed?

A caddy is allowed on the Executive Tour for 9 hole players.

View the details under the "parent/player information" on the tournament information page (TIP) as each tournament will specify if a caddy is allowed and for what divisions.

Are spectators allowed?

It is best to check the (TIP) tournament information page for the event you are interested in playing to see if spectators are allowed.  

Each course is different and it is up to the golf course.

Walking spectator - Some may have a spectator fee.

Cart Spectator - Depends on availability.

Each are noted on the TIP for each event. 

What do I do when I show up to a tournament?

Players are required to check in at the NCJGA tournament registration table when they arrive at the golf course.

Players please check in at least 1 hour prior to your assigned tee time to allow you time to warm up on the range/putting green.
Players must arrive to the first tee 15 minutes prior to their tee time to receive their tournament scorecard and any further instructions.

What are Player of the Year (POY) Points?

  • Active NCJGA Members earn points for the Top 15 position through out the year on both the Championship Tour and on the Executive Tour. 
  • Points are not combined - 2 tours - each are awarded individual points for the top finishers.



What tees will I be playing?

Always confirm the tees being played by clicking on the age division under contests on the tournament information page (TIP) for the tournament you signed up for.


Can beginner golfers play in NCJGA tournaments?

Absolutely, the NCJGA welcomes players of all ages and skill levels.

We pair kids that way to give them the best experience.  

Growing Up Golf means many different things.  

Learn the game, play and meet new friends and families, have fun, grow in the game to play for life, be competitive.

For 22 years we have helped many kids find there way through playing golf!

It's about the journey!!

"It's ALL about the kids"

How do I make a donation?

Your donation is a tax deduction.

Mail us your donation 

 NCJGA 2604B El Camino Real, Suite 116, Carlsbad, CA  92008

You may also make an on-line donation through Paypal by clicking here.  

Thank you in advance for supporting the kids playing NCJGA!

How do I become a tournament sponsor?

Mail us $500 to become a Tournament sponsor. 

I will contact you for logo to add to our sponsor page as well as the tournament page.  Any additional information you would like handed out at the event please send to us as well!

Go to our Sponsors Page to learn about becoming an NCJGA sponsor. All donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a letter from us with our tax ID number as a receipt.

Can players rent a golf cart?

No, all players in NCJGA competition are required to walk. Pull carts are allowed. Parent in the caddy divisions can rent a cart if they are available.  Players clubs can ride but the player must walk.

Can I get a refund if I cancel from a tournament?

Tournament Refund Policy:  All cancellations must be submitted in writing to withdrawal from an event.  Send e-mail to               

The cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Executive Tour - $10 if canceling 7 days or more prior to an event, and $25 if the ET  event is two or more days.
  • Full charge any time after 7 days prior.
  • Championship Tour : $25 if canceling 7 days or more prior to an event and $50 if the CT event is two or more days.
  • Full charge any time after 7 days prior.
  • Cancellations within one week (7days)with a verifiable doctor’s note will be granted a refund on ½ the entry fee. The doctor’s note cover letter must be received by NCJGA staff within 5 days of the tournament and must be accompanied with the participant’s name, the official tournament name, and tournament date. An individual doctor’s note will be valid and accepted by NCJGA staff for 2 weeks after its issue date. After two weeks, individuals will be required to get a new doctor’s note for cancellations and refunds. The letter must be accompanied with the name of player, date of the tournament, name of the tournament and price of the tournament. Email Marcia if your player can not participate due to injury or illness. 

Tournament cancelled due to weather conditions - When an event is cancelled or cut short due to unplayable conditions - contact

As a parent, what is my role at the tournaments?

Parents can support the program by offering to volunteer:

  • Marshall: Provide supervision on the golf course and encourage proper pace of play.
  • Scorer: Walk with the group and record each player's hole-by-hole score. A scorer is required for all boys and girls 10 & under divisions.
  • Shuttling: When courses have long green to tee walks, parents will be assigned to a hole to drive kids to the next tee box to keep up the pace of play.

Is food included in the entry fee?

No, but some courses include a a lunch special $5.00-$10.00. 
NCJGA recommends that each player come prepared with their own snacks and water. Always check the TIP tournament information page under whats included.

How are ties broken?

All ties are determined by card off, back 9 first still tied last 6 holes or 3 hole putt off.  (USGA).  TTC divisions will have a on course playoff. 

Who earns a prize?

Every player who turns in a scorecard earns a prize.


What rules are in effect during the tournaments?

USGA and Local Rules are in effect. Please adhere to proper golf attire.

Why did my "points" awarded drop of the overall POY standings?

Your points will only drop off if your membership expired and you have not renewed.

Points are awarded to active Members only!

Are there group / clinics available?

Yes, please e-mail Marcia or

David offers camps in the summer they are posted mid April! 

He also offers individual lessons, group instruction and clinics!

Is there on course instruction?

Contact for all instruction questions.

How do I become a member of the SCGA Junior Club?

Contact the SCGA - view the Junior Golf Pass on line and register or renew yearly.  You are not certified unless you complete the on line quizzes.

Can I get a refund on Membership Fees?

As long as you have not participated in a Tournament, you may request a refund of your Membership less a $15 admin fee by emailing